Recurring events

Great carolling

A Christmas event organised a few days before Christmas, during which the Faculty turns into one big Christmas market. We serve cakes, muffins, traditional Christmas dishes, whilst Christmas songs resonate from the speakers.

First Day of Spring

We love spring, so every year we celebrate its beginning. On 21st March, we organise game shows and parties where students wear colourful floral patterns and proudly present handmade wreaths.

Film Night on the Patio

An initiative for cinema lovers – and more. Once a year, students meet in the open-air to watch the best Polish and foreign productions. The organisers take care of every detail. There are deck chairs, blankets, popcorn and warm snacks available for all participants.

Great Gala on WNPiD

This is a very popular event which is loved by students, during which lecturers are given statuettes in 10 different categories. Elegant attire is the dress-code.  After the official formalities, there is a party with a DJ on the patio.