Information and Source Education

The e-learning-based course Information and source education is meant to convey basic information on the Library and its online systems.

The course is intended for all those who want to use the resources of the AMU Libraries and information systems. It may in particular help students to pass the obligatory test on the online systems.

During the course students can learn:

  1. what formal procedures apply,
  2. how to join the AMU Library,
  3. what services are provided by the Library,
  4. how to find the required books and magazines.

The course concludes with an online test. The test consists of 7 multiple-choice questions (each question is followed by three answers, out of which only one is correct). To pass the test (and thus complete the course), one must provide correct answers to at least 5 questions. More information in November.

In case of failing the first attempt of the test, a second attempt is available. In case of failing the second attempt, the finalization of the course may only be accomplished in person in the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism Library (please contact the Library staff if such a need arises).

Barbara Liszkiewicz (