Within the Erasmus+ programme you can apply for studies and internships in other countries that participate in the programme. In each of the three levels of education students can go for a stay or stays of up to twelve months total. A minimum period of a stay abroad amounts to three months. The total number of months is calculated including any earlier stays under the Erasmus Programme (Lifelong Learning) at every level of studies.

Taking part in the Erasmus+ programme enables students to:

  • complete a part of studies in a foreign higher educational institution and in an international environment,
  • learn about the education system and teaching methods in another country;
  • improve their level of linguistic competence,
  • make new acquaintances,
  • learn about other cultures,
  • improve decision-making and problem solving skills

The Erasmus+ programme is available in the following countries:

  • 28 EU states;
  • 3 countries of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway;
  • Candidate countries: Macedonia and Turkey

The Erasmus+ programme available at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism allows its students to go for overseas scholarships in 12 states and study at one of 19 universities or higher education institutions.