Science Clubs

Studying is not only about learning and hard work, but is also the period of acquiring new acquaintances and engaging in various projects and student initiatives – and those in our Faculty are in abundance!

Students have the choice of:

  • Science Clubs
  • Student Initiatives Centre
  • Student Government
  • Cyclic events

Science Clubs

Academic Associations at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism are an opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge regarding many different areas of our faculties.

By participating in the seminars, conferences and workshops organised by the academic science clubs, you can both expand your knowledge of issues beyond the standard curriculum and gain additional practical skills.

Our Faculty operates 11 Scientific Groups from different subjects, such as East Asia Academic Association, Modern History Academic Association, Marketing Communications Academic Association, Security Science Academic Association, Political Scientists and Journalists Academic Association, Social and Economic Policy Academic Association, Psychology of Politics Academic Association, Local Government Academic Association, International Relations Academic Association, Gender Studies Academic Association, Television and Film Professions Academic Association