International cooperation

International cooperation is one of the cornerstones of our activity. Every year, several scientific conferences of international character are held at the department. We were visited by many scientists, politicians and experts from around the world in recent years, guests such as:  Al Gore (who received a Doctorate Honoris Causa of our University), prof. Matthew Krenig (Georgetown University, USA), prof. Ettore Deodato (University of Siena, Italy), prof. Richard Hornik (Stony Brook University, USA), prof. Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary University of London, England), prof. Michael Freeden (University of London, England), prof. Ragnar Leunig (Germany). We also hosted ambassadors of several countries including Croatia, Denmark, Iran, Israel, Palestine, the United States and Turkey.

Prof. Przemysław Osiewicz

His areas of research include theoretical as well as practical aspects of foreign policy, geopolitical codes, exclaves and international relations in the Middle East with a special emphasis on Iran and Turkey and their roles within the region. So far, he has written three books, edited another four and published more than 60 articles in academic journals related to political science and international relations. In 2016, Prof. Osiewicz received a Fulbright Senior Award .

Research staff

  • 80scientists
  • 16units

Prof. Sebastian Wojciechowski

Scientific professionalism is demonstrated in many different ways. One of them is a skilful fusion of theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This situation applies to many political scientists from the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at AMU. I am glad to be one of them. More than 80 scientists working in 16 units – this is our scientific Our scientific team has been formed with both experienced and recognised researchers as well as young professors and doctors, who never the less, regularly extend their knowledge, largely beyond the borders of our country.

Research grants

Dr. Paulina Pospieszna

Social scientists in Poland have many opportunities to obtain research grants. One of the main funding entities in Poland is the Polish National Science Centre (NCN) and the academic staff of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism was successful at receiving many research grants from this institution.
  • 25grants in recent years