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2nd Lodz Citizens' Assembly

In March and April 2023, the team observed the proceedings of the 2nd Lodz Citizens' Assembly. Two years after the first such event organized in Lodz, then focused on the adaptation of city greenery to climate change, the next edition of a citizens' assembly was to answer the question "How to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in Lodz by 55% by 2030?". Over the course of two months, participants met for three educational and two deliberative sessions. The assembly's work resulted in 78 recommendations, 39 of which exceeded 80% participant support during the final vote and are therefore to be implemented by the City.

Our presence at the IIŁPO gave us the opportunity to observe the diversity of facilitation practices and designs of citizens' assemblies in Poland, as well as to exchange reflections with other researchers and practitioners of civic participation. The assembly organizers also provided us with working documents from the process for review.

The assembly was held at the headquarters of the Urban Activity Factory in Lodz. The University of Lodz Foundation was responsible for coordinating the event.