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In October and November 2023, members of the Democratic Innovations research group observed the Rzeszów Climate Assembly organized to develop resident recommendations in response to the question of: ‘How should Rzeszów achieve climate neutrality by 2030?’

The Rzeszów Climate Assembly is the first such initiative in the city and was organized by two Polish non-governmental organizations: Stocznia Foundation and Pole Dialogu Foundation. Currently, Rzeszów is one of five Polish cities taking part in the EU mission: ‘Climate neutral and smart cities’, the aim of which is to support and promote European cities in their climate transformation.

The Rzeszów Climate Assembly focused on the area of housing energy efficiency and sustainable transport in the city. Recommendations developed by residents became binding for the city after receiving 80% of the participant vote.

As part of the ongoing research, members of the Democratic Innovations research group participated in all 5 panel meetings in the role of observers and conducted surveys among participants before and after the assembly. The questions included in the survey will be used for further research purposes and served to collect participants' opinions on the process and course of the panel.