IR Programme

Contemporary Issues in International Relations

Facultative courses (to be chosen from AMU-PIE offer)


Comparative Politics

Intercultural Communication

Political Campaigns: A Comparative Perspective

Media and International Communication

Stereotypes in International Relations

Contentious Politics

Charismatic Leadership in Different Political Systems

Leadership in International Business


International Relations I

International Relations II

Theories of International Relations

Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice

International Law

International Judicial System

International Environmental Protection

Terrorism and Asymmetrical Threats

How to Reach the Success in International Business

International Security

M.A. Seminar


Monetary, Fiscal, Trade Policy of the European Union

Democratic Participation and Representation of Citizens in European Union

The EU Institutions and the Decision Making Process in the European Union

Democratic Deficit in the European Union

Strategic Technology Alliances. Technological Co-operation in International Business

European Borders and Cross-Border Cooperation in Comparative Perspective

Common Foreign and Security Policy. Northern and Eastern Dimensions of the European Union