International Relations – Programme in English

We have the opportunity to go abroad to renowned universities, as well as learn foreign languages such as Chinese or Arabic.

Paula Sieracka, student of International Relations

For whom?

International Relations combine theory with practice, which will allow you to find yourself in a difficult and rapidly changing labour market. With the expertise, you will gain during the lectures and practical skills obtained during the workshops, exercises and internships will allow you to be mobile and competitive.


Joins us

Duration of study: 4 semesters

Tution fee: 3000 PLN per semester

Prof. Przemysław Osiewicz

The AMU Faculty of Political Science and Journalism offers students an enriching experience where they will expand their horizons intellectually, culturally, and personally.In the classroom, International Relations students attend stimulating classes where they collaborate with peers, participate in engaging group discussions, and learn from experienced faculty.