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The Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań was established in 2008 as a result of the transformation of the Institute of Political Science and Journalism into an independent unit of the University. The beginnings of the Institute date back to 1964. It operated as a part of the Faculty of Social Science after 1975.

Currently, the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism runs studies in five fields: political science, international relations, journalism and social communications, national security, and state governance. On top of that, the Faculty also offers post-graduate studies and training courses.

Right before the new faculty was established, a new building was completed on the Morasko Campus. It has been hosting classes and lectures since the 2007/2008 academic year. Furnished with cutting edge equipment, it provides the highest standard teaching technology. The building encompasses, among other things, a television studio, radio studio, computer labs (including one equipped with Macintosh computers), and a library. The largest of sixteen multimedia rooms is the auditorium, that can seat nearly three hundred people. To learn more about the Faculty building click here.

There are over four thousand full-time and extramural students studying at the Faculty, who are taken care for by a staff of over ninety academics. The Faculty also employs outstanding experts in non-academic fields (ranging from typesetting to computer editing to film editing) sharing their expertise and practical skills with students.

There are six editorial boards of student media operating at the Faculty, ranging from printed (Bardzo Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo, Fenestra) to virtual (Sic! e-gazeta studencka) to radio (Radio Meteor) and television (Flesz, Kurier Akademicki).
Students can develop their academic passions in as many as ten student interest circles and seven academic journals operating at the Faculty. Additionally, the Faculty hosts several dozen academic conferences annually, including international events.



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