Online defence

Online defence step by step – abbreviated procedure:

  1. You need to get all approvals required in the last semester/year (including diploma seminar)
  2. At the latest 10 days before the examination, you should file through the USOSweb your application addressed to the dean requesting an online diploma examination
  3. Your application needs to be signed by your promoter
  4. Student Assistance Office (BOS) registers your paper in the USOS and Diploma Paper Archive
  5. Supplement your paper data in APD (Abstract, keywords – in Polish and English) and attach your paper. Transfer your paper in the APD to be checked.
  6. Your promoter checks the paper in the APD – either accepts it or sends back to be revised.
  7. Promoter and reviewer publicise the review in the APD
  8. Go to online examination in Teams (meeting is organized by the head of the examination committee).

Read through detailed information below

Detailed rule for online diploma paper examinations (BA and MA) at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, AMU.

Conditions to complete studies:

  1. You need to pass all examinations and obtain approvals on all classes in your study plan.
    Note: A condition to get approval on the diploma seminar (BA or MA) is to file your BA of MA diploma paper and its approval by the promoter;
  2. A condition to take a diploma examination by non-stationary students is to have the total tuition paid.
  3. Clearance Sheet: to have the Clearance Sheet signed and approved: you need to download and print it, fill it out and send its scan to the Faculty Library: Once it is signed, it will be transferred to the Student Assistance Office at the Faculty. E-clearance Sheet an only be signed when a student returned all books to the University Library, faculty libraries and paid all liabilities.
  4. Ten (10) days before the diploma examination, a student should file through USOSweb an application addressed to the dean requesting to proceed with the online diploma examination (USOSweb -> Dla studentów -> Podania, instrukcja: In his/her application, the student provides in separate lines the title of the paper in which it has been originally written; first name and surname of the promoter.
  5. The promoter expresses his/her opinion in USOSweb (USOSweb -> Dla pracowników -> Opiniowanie podań). While providing his/her opinion, the promoter verifies information included by the student in the application and adds missing information. The application and opinion together should include the following:

1) paper title in its original language;

2) promoter’s name and surname;

3) reviewer’s name and surname;

4) composition of the examination committee – the promoter proposes the chair of the committee;

5) date and hour of the diploma examination.

After the approval by the dean, the BOS registers the diploma paper.

After being notified about the date of the examination, the chair of the examination committee creates a meeting in the Microsoft Teams calendar entitled “Examination diploma
(name, surname and student’s docket number)”, to invite participants required, the student and other members of the examination committee. Participants should confirm the reception of the invitation without delay through Microsoft Teams.

Diploma paper:

  1. After registering the diploma paper by the BOS, the student should record the following in the APD (see instruction at:

1) diploma paper title in Polish, if written in a different language than Polish.

2) diploma paper title in English, if written in a different language than English,

3) abstract of the paper in Polish and English and the original language, if the original language is neither Polish nor English,

4) keywords in Polish and English and the original language, if the original language is neither Polish nor English,

5) approval of the statement by the author,

6) electronic version of the diploma paper in the form of a uniform pdf file; if the paper includes attachments, the student should download them to the APD system aggregated in one archive file (ZIP, RAR, 7Z),

Diploma examination:

  1. On the date of the examination, the student and members of the committee login to the Teams videoconference to join the meeting.
  2. After the student and all members of the examination committee login, the chair of the committee informs people present that the examination is going to be recorded and then verifies student’s identity. To this end, the student shows his/her ID to the web camera to enable members of the committee to verify his/her personal data included in the document.
  3. Before moving to the subject-oriented part of the examination, the chair of the committee explain to the student technical issues related to the examination process, and consequences of a videoconference being interrupted (loss of connection) before the end of the examination.
  4. For the committee to make sure that the student give answers to examination questions him/herself, the chair of the committee may instruct the student regarding behaviour and position toward the web camera.
  5. If during the examination, the connection with the student or a member of the committee is interrupted, the chair discontinues the exam and announces that the examination will have to be repeated.
  6. In case of a short disruption of the connection with one of examination committee members, the chair discontinues the examination, and after the connection is restored the examination may continue provided during the interruption the connection between the student and other member of the committee, including the chair, has been working. If problems with the connection with one of committee members recur, the chair of the committee decides whether to continue or discontinue and repeat the examination.
  7. An online examination can be repeated due to the interruption of the connection once only upon the request of the student. In case no request is filed, as well as interruption of a connection during the repeated examination, the examination will be repeated once the AMU returns to its traditional operation.
  8. Loss of the connection, and interruption (continuation) of the examination, and the decision to repeat the examination are recorded in the examination minutes.
  9. In case the student fails to establish a connection on the specified date of the examination is identical with the failure to take the examination.
  10. Explanation of the failure to take the examination should be sent by the student from his/her student’s e-mail (nazwa_uż to the dean’s office before the date of the examination or immediately after the cause of the failure ceases to exist.
  11. In case during the online examination, the student receives an unsatisfactory grade, the retake of the examination is allowed in its traditional mode, after the AMU returns to run regular classes, or – during the suspension of classes – in an online mode upon the request of the student.
  12. During an online diploma examination, the chair of the committee randomly chooses one general and one specialist topic. The third topic to be discussed is relevant for the content of the diploma paper. Each member of the examination committee may ask additional questions.
  13. In case of an unsatisfactory grade or unsubstantiated failure to take the examination on the pre-set date, the dean decides on the second and the final date of the examination. The examination retake may take place not earlier than after one month and not later than three months after the first date of the examination.


According to Ordinance No. 371/2019/2020, the diploma fee should be paid by BA students and students who repeat a year on their MA course. The account number to which the diploma fee should be transferred can be found in the USOSweb in the „Płatności FK” folder – (ACCOUNT IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE USED TO PAY THE TUITION).

Collection of diploma

On collecting the diploma, the student is requested to present his/her ID.


Issue for MA exam - IRActually
Download PDF Issue for MA exam - IR (76.7 KB)
Issue for BA exam - IRActually
Download DOCX Issue for BA exam - IR (17.3 KB)