Departament of Strategic Studies

The list of R&D issues addressed by the employees of the Department features the following areas:

  • strategic studies;
  • asymmetric threats, including, for example, terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism and separatism;
  • cybersecurity and cyber threats;
  • international security, with particular emphasis on the situation in: Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East;
  • Poland's security and Poland's involvement on the international stage;
  • security politics of powers (e.g., Germany, the USA);
  • global problems of the modern world, such as: ecological, demographic, nutritional or hydrological issues;
  • challenges of the modern world economy;
  • the role and importance of the USA and China in the global economy -the rise of China and its geopolitical implications;
  • foreign direct investment and offshoring.
  • Strategic Studies;
  • Domestic and International Security;
  • Cyberspace and Cybersecurity;
  • Global Issues;
  • US and China’s International Relations;
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Offshoring.
  • The project: "AI Tech. Academy of Innovative Applications of Digital Technology”. Grant reference number: POPC 03.02.00-00-01-00-006 / 20, POPC, The Ministry of Digital Affairs, implementation period: 2020-2023;
  • “Eurasian Insights: Strengthening Indo-Pacific Studies in Europe’’, the EU grant, 2019-1-PL01-KA203-065644, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Erasmus+ KA203 - Strategic Partnerships for higher education;
  • The National Science Center project: "The European Union towards Central Asia - regional and international conditions", 2014/15/B/HS5/01591;
  • Grant Jean Monnet Center of Excellence – “In)coherence of the EU externalactions – (dis)continuity, resilience and external engagement in the contested global order’’, implementation period: 2018-2022;
  • Various projects implemented as part of the Academic Consortium of Strategic Studies Departments.